Edith Crash belongs to no one. In fact, her music—sung in French, Spanish, and English—transcends the international origins of this one-woman band by blending them all into one cohesive project. Inspired by dark experimentalism of vastly different artists such as Portishead, Jacques Brel, and PJ Harvey, Crash’s dynamic mix of folk and grunge is as much of a cross-cultural creation as the singer herself. Born in France, raised in Spain, and based now in Los Angeles, Crash’s songs defy genre by pulling bits and pieces from clamoring post-punk, bluesy folk, and vigorous Spanish guitar.

Edith Crash is on the rise and people are noticing. She was recently included one NPR’s list of favorite SXSW discoveries, and described as “bluesy, folky music that is all very dark and strange, complimented by her sultry voice.” Indeed, Crash’s latest and most haunting record ‘Partir’ combines her impassioned, French singing with thunderingly loud guitar playing dedicated to her late mother. Though self-released, this stormy LP was produced by Alain Johannes (who has worked on records with Queens Of The Stone Age, Chris Cornell, and Mark Lanegan). Crash recorded its entirety live as a one woman set on the studios 11AD in LA.

Edith Crash, both in sound and style, is reminiscent of young Françoise Hardy deep in a Tom Waits obsession. That said, it’s no wonder both her music and her likeness have appeared in feature films like the Eli Roth horror film “Knock Knock.” The uniquely cinematic quality to her music comes in full-bodied melodies, dramatic vocal delivery, and a penchant for Western folk drama.


“Intense French blues exile Edith Crash”
The Guardian

“Based in LA by way of France and Spain and somewhere in between Led Zeppelin III and the Cure lies Edith Crash.”
NPR Tiny Desk

‘Edith Crash is a French transplant to L.A. who performs bluesy, folky music that is all very dark and strange, complimented by her sultry voice.’
NPR All Songs Considered (Favorite Discoveries And Memorable Moments SXSW 2016)

‘At once a bluesy, bloodraw drum-heavy romp, other times a sweet serenade, Edith Crash is a force. You’ve Been Warned.’
Tom Tom Mag

“Produced by Alain Johannes, “Partir” is folk like Patti Smith folk and blues like PJ Harvey is blues. She performs as a one-woman band, so be prepared for a haunting, yet compelling, set.”

“Alain Johannes’ stripped down production is pitch-perfect. Partir is relentlessly revealing, personal, and cathartic. It recalls watershed albums by PJ Harvey, Ani DiFranco and Patti Smith.”
Coachella Valley Weekly

“Fiercely passionate, Edith delivers raw, strong, & emotional songs sung in French, Spanish & English. A one woman band creating intense French blues, and melding the folk, punk & blues worlds for a truly one of a kind style. Siouxsie Sioux meets Kurt Cobain in Spain.”
Joshua Tree Music Festival

“Crash, born in Perpignan, doesn’t fit in what somebody would expect a french songwriter would be. Start thinking in punk rock and in a more atlantic musical tradition: blues not being blues, rock not being rock, folk not being folk, western not being western… Everything and
nothing at the same time. Like the chaos theory, but in contemporary songs shape!”
Ramon Marc Batallé

“The show culminated in an appearance by the well-known French singer Edith Crash, who equally evoked in my imagination the poignant passions of Siouxie Sioux, Kurt Cobain, and Jacques Brel. Everyone stood impressed by this strange foreign punky creature, transfixed by her fiery songs.”

“Una Banda de Rock con cuerpo de mujer”
Ruta 66

“the daughter Edith Piaf could never have with Kurt Cobain.”

“En su voz y en sus composiciones hay algo bello y oscuro que consigue removernos las entrañas. En el escenario es potente y desgarradora, y cuando arranca a cantar es como si un grito partiera el silencio.”
Fnac Barcelona
“Un disco muy personal, que augura un futuro esperanzador para Edith Crash.”

“Fa uns quants anys que està revolucionant l’underground local”
El punt Aviu

“… uno de los tesoros ocultos de la actual escena musical, la constatación definitiva de que si al talento y al trabajo bien hecho se le une el entusiasmo y la honestidad en lo relativo a la puesta en escena todo es posible. Los afortunados que acudimos a su concierto del Harlem lo pudimos constatar.”
Shook Down

“Edith Crash, piel de gallina! ”
Let’s Festival